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Hydrobooster - deep moisturizing treatment

Everyone knows that the foundation of beautiful skin is hydration, but only a few people think about oxygen replacement. Oxygen facial treatment is also very effective against wrinkles, inflammation, connective tissue problems and sagging skin.

The effects of our Hydrobooster treatment

  • stimulates the vasomotor nerves, dilates the blood vessels, increases the blood supply to the treated area
  • has an analgesic effect (reduces the excitability of sensory nerves, thus raising the pain threshold)
  • improves skin functions
  • enhances the skin’s metabolism, gas exchange, defense power, immunity.

Principle of operation

As with all treatments, we start the process by cleaning and peeling the skin’s surface. Our treatment consists of two machine treatments. In the first round, we perform oxygen therapy.

Oxygen therapyx

Poor quality city air, smoking, and staying in a closed heated space for more than a whole day can also cause a lack of oxygen in the skin. This should not be imagined as when we cannot breathe and suffocate, but in fact, the metabolic processes in the body and the appearance of the skin are negatively affected if the cells manage less oxygen. If the metabolism is not in balance, our body does not work perfectly, which causes the condition of our skin to rapidly deteriorate.

Roughly over the age of 25, the skin’s ability to bind oxygen gradually decreases, which has an adverse effect on blood circulation, thereby slowing down the detoxification and regeneration processes of the skin tissue. Cell division also takes place more and more slowly and the resistance of the skin weakens, which gives room for the acceleration of the aging process. The oxygen facial treatment is performed with a cosmetic oxygen generator, which, in addition to producing 99% pure oxygen, can deliver vitamins and serums suitable for the skin type into the deeper layers of the skin with a pressure of 2.5 bar. This combined treatment combines the beneficial effects of oxygen with cell renewal agents. Oxygen increases the ability of cells to absorb nutrients, so it is certain that the many antioxidants packed into the skin will not be wasted. The oxygen generator procedure is called oxygen spray treatment in our salon. In such cases, serums are sprayed onto the skin with a special gun, and pure oxygen under constant pressure works the desired active ingredients into the deeper layers.

Roller Iontophoresis

Another procedure is roller iontophoresis, which is useful for the treatment of parched, dry skin and significantly improves problematic, oily skin prone to acne. It enhances blood circulation, normalizes the work of sebaceous glands and increases the protective functions of cells.

The best solution for hydrating the upper layer of the skin and the dermis, increasing its water-holding capacity and the elasticity of the tissues. During iontophoresis, we overcome the barrier function of the skin and introduce charged, water-soluble active ingredients into the skin. These active ingredients can be ampoules for which we need to use a carrier.

For what problems do we recommend it for?

  • dehydrated, dry skin
  • pale skin
  • oxygen-deficient skin
  • wrinkles, sagging skin


  • Hydrated, soft skin
  • A face full of life
  • Wrinkles are smoothed out
  • The skin becomes tighter

About the treatment

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Operating principle: oxygen therapy, roller iontophoresis
  • The procedure is completely painless
  • Result: already after the first time
  • Price: 31,250 HUF / occasion


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