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Our packages take the home facial experience to new levels.

In addition to the home care kit, we provide 6 facial treatments in our Small Package and 12 facial treatments in our Large Package, the type of which is determined by the needs of the guest’s skin.

Home care kits come with a choice of 10 premium products from the DeSheli or DeAura product family, as well as a high-performance facial care device – which helps to remove skin impurities and deliver beneficial active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. The device combines two functions. One is a mixture of ultrasound and iontophoresis to help deepen the active ingredients or cleanse the skin. The other is light therapy, which uses infrared and UVB blue light.

How long is it enough?

Our home care kit will last for at least a year.


  • Milk Lotion Superieure -facial lotion
  • Gentle Foamy Scrub Superieure foaming -facial scrub
  • Cleopatra Mask Superieure -facial mask
  • Hydro Nutrient Mask Superieure -moisturizing face mask
  • Toner Superieure -facial toner
  • Firming Action Treatment Gel Superieure -firming face gel
  • Intensive Facial Serum Superieure -intensive face serum
  • Eye Performer Gel Superieure -eye gel
  • Day Moisturiser SPF 15 -moisturising day creme
  • Night Cream Superieure -night creme


  • Eye – Makeup Remover – make-up remover
  • Facial Mousse Cleanser -facewash
  • Gently and Deeply Facial Scrub -scrub
  • Detox Mask -detoxifying mask
  • Skin Feed Moistreatment Mask -deep moisturizing mask
  • Reflection Face Serum -serum
  • Emulsion Gel -emulsion
  • Awakeye Gel Comlex -eye gel
  • Hialuron Capsules
  • Hydraday Face Moisturizer &
  • Nightreatment -day and night creme

Come to our store and try it out!

Come to our store and try our home care products as part of a facial treatment to see the uniquely rejuvenating and beautifying effects of our kit.


Request a free call back and we will contact you within 1 business day for information or an appointment.

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